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Custom Paint Department


A Troy Lee Designs custom painted helmet can be anything you can imagine.

You can send us your own idea, photo, drawing, cartoon, and/or a photo of the image you want us to duplicate. You can mix and match designs of your favorite racers (example: use the top of Paul Tracy’s helmet with the sides of Jeremy McGrath’s). Or tell us to come up with something totally original.

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To order, email paint@troyleedesigns.com or call (951) 371-5219 ext. 246 or (951) 371-5219 ext. 248. Be sure to include what your interests are, the budget you have in mind and when you would like it completed. We will need to collect ideas and assets such as: photos, drawings, colors, names, and any other pertinent information for your design to be considered in the quote process. If you require an exact color match be sure to mail a color chip with your helmet.


For the very best results, we recommend that you begin with a new solid white helmet. We do not recommend you remove any molding or do any sanding yourself. Helmet shells are also welcome.