TLD 2018 Yamaha Sportswear Collection

On and off the track, the passion for riding runs deep with Yamaha. Excited to align Yamaha’s commitment to all things motorcycles and speed with our own at Troy Lee Designs, we proudly present the Troy Lee Designs Yamaha sportswear collection. Featuring race inspired designs using the highest quality materials and the most comfortable fit, this collection of Yamaha sportswear brings together two iconic moto brands for the die-hard Yamaha enthusiast.

Youth Yamaha L4 Tee
Yamaha Women's L4 Tee
Yamaha L4 Beanie
Yamaha L4 Genesis Backpack
Yamaha Checker Tee
Yamaha L4 Tee
Yamaha L4 Pullover Hoodie
Yamaha L4 Puff Vest
Yamaha L4 Pit Jacket
TLD Yamaha RS2 Umbrella
TLD Yamaha RS2 Backpack
Yamaha RS1 Tech Jacket
Yamaha RL1 Pullover Fleece
Yamaha RS2 Tee
Yamaha RS1 Men's Tee
Yamaha Women's RS2 Tee
Yamaha Factory Snapback
Yamaha RS1 Snapback Hat
Yamaha Factory Beanie